"rights" or whatever go as followed:
- you may copy any graphics from this website (artwork must be credited), but please do not claim that you created anything that was only copied. edits are fair game for non-artwork images!
- code is avalible to be copied if edited. reverse-engineering is awesome!
- original writing may not be copied and pasted, unless cited to the specific webpage, or used for comidic purposes. very vauge but ehhh
- audio may be copied from any souce other than the xdx3xp side of this website without any issues from me (...org/xdx3xp/... is not included in this)
- audio copied from xdx3xp may be used! credit is prefered, but the only requirement is that you do not claim or imply that songs are your own creation. (covers are alowed under the stipulation that credit is provided for the original composer of the composition (any covers on xdx3xp's webpage will be linked))

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